Dorothy’ Original Skin Oil

If you are, you’ve come to the right place!

When Nivea stopped making its Original Skin Oil product in 2005, we at Dorothy’s loved the product so much we decided to reformulate it. We are now pleased to offer it to you as Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil. Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil is everything the original Nivea product was, plus a pleasing fresh fragrance we think you’ll really like.

So if you, like us, loved Nivea Original Skin Oil, and felt a loss when Nivea stopped making it, then, like the hundreds of others who have tried our product, welcome home! You can once again bathe your skin in incredible, luxuriant moisturizing with Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil.


Again, you’ve come to the right place!

Dorothy’ Original Skin Oil

For the most effective treatment of very dry skin, many doctors recommend moisturizers containing mineral oil and lanolin. Dorothy’s is the only skin care product on the market having mineral oil as its principal (first listed) ingredient and lanolin. Dorothy’s unique formulation of rich creams and emollient oils simultaneously deep moisturizes the skin and forms a protective barrier against moisture loss. There is simply nothing else like it for the treatment of dry, chapped or chafed skin.

Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil is soothing. It contains no harsh ingredients, such as alcohols that can irritate your skin, or chemical waxes that can clog your pores. In testing at a nationally recognized laboratory, Dorothy’s showed no signs of skin irritation, even when left continuously on the skin for almost two months!


Image copyright © Thomas Hergaard, FOTOLIA
© Thomas Hergaard, FOTOLIA

Like many products that are tried and true, Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil is a bit old fashioned. It needs to be shaken before use. It goes on a little oily. It doesn’t have trendy ingredients or a fancy perfumed scent. But if you leave it on for a minute or two, it soaks right in, leaving your skin feeling incredible—moisturized, supple, rejuvenated. Try it once and you’ll become a lifelong user!


Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil is made to the highest standards right here in the United States by manufacturers that make many of the products you now buy. It has gone through rigorous testing to insure its quality. We have also performed extensive consumer testing with former Nivea Original Skin Oil customers to insure that our reformulation is every bit as good as the Nivea original.

So when you buy Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil, you can do so with complete confidence.


We at Dorothy’s perform no animal testing. Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil is a cruelty free product. Our bottle is made with PETE (the most recyclable of plastic materials).


My mother, Dorothy, had beautiful, youthful skin into her 70’s. She used Nivea Original Skin Oil on her hands and face every day, as I have for the past 40 years. When Nivea stopped making its Original Skin Oil product in 2005, we were devastated. In response, I formed Dorothy’s, and engaged top formulators, laboratories and manufacturers to reformulate Nivea Original Skin Oil. We offer it to you now as Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil, named in honor of my mother.

We would love to hear from you, so be in touch!!!! Tell us your thoughts about Nivea Original Skin Oil. Let us know how you like Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil once you have tried it.

All our best for better skin,

Tom Gold
President & Founder
Dorothy’s Original Skin Oil

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